Our Mission

Our mission Is to connect and heal the mind, body, and spirit through physical activity.

Our Objectives

  • 1.
    Create a healthy lifestyle and build positive self esteem for the youth of today.
  • 2.
    Provide information and direction on fitness needs and basic nutrition guidance in an engaging environment.
  • 3.
    Develop and sustain functional motor skills that improve and promote physical activity through participation in a fun structured environment.
  • 4.
    Promote socialization through fun participation based obstacle courses with peers of a similar skill set.
  • 5.
    Educate children and their families on the value, enjoyment, and life-long benefit of physical activity.
  • 6.
    Create a special place that is exciting, fun and safe, where children will want to achieve their goals and embrace a positive lifestyle change. Simultaneously creating a flexible schedule that fits your needs.


One on One Training

Open Play

Dietitian Consultation

Studies have shown that the development and progression of certain symptoms and behaviors of children with special needs can be influenced by diet. 

Group Sessions

Virtual Sessions

The gym experience as we know it has been transformed by COVID 19 for the foreseeable future, and perhaps forever. Yet, we are certain that maintaining a healthy body maximizes our chances of fighting a host of illnesses. Furthermore, a regular fitness routine has a vital impact on our stress management during these trying times. With so many benefits both physically and mentally the worst thing people can do is stop exercising. Our virtual sessions allow our experts to design a custom program you can do at home with or without equipment.


We believe family education is crucial to success. The internet can make finding good information difficult and you never know if the content is legitimate or just another sales pitch. We provide education content for free from trusted sources. Educating yourself is your best defense against the charlatans out there just looking to make a quick dollar.

My First Time At The Gym

Self Direct/Finances

Our services are approved for reimbursement from the New York State self direct program. All fees must be paid at time of service. All customers will be given a receipt to submit. https://opwdd.ny.gov/selfdirection We do not accept insurance. However, your HSA or FLEX spending may be eligible.

Meet The Staff

What Our Families are Saying

My son Elias started with Fit4Fun a little over a month ago. We are so pleased on how well he is doing in such a short amount of time. Carmine is an amazing instructor. He is so patient and kind while working with Elias. Carmine drives Elias to communicate during each lessons which is helping Elias practice his language skills as well. We are beyond thrilled we found this program.
My son Brian who has autism started Fit4Fun almost 2 months ago and am really impressed and happy on how he has improved on his balance and fine motor it has even helped him with his swimming. He is getting stronger each time he goes.His instructor Carmine is amazing, kind, and very patient with him.Brian is also using alot of language, Carmine always encourages to him to use his words when there doing the exercises. Am really happy I found out about this program. Brian loves going there and working with Carmine. Fit4Fun is amazinggg.
My son has been working with Jason and Carmine for over a year. My son is twelve and newly verbal, and historically we have not been able to find therapists or professionals outside of the school who could work with him effectively, but Jason and Carmine can. With them he is able to get great exercise, grow stronger, develop better balance and better motor skills. They see his strengths, and work to address his weaknesses. That sounds like a cliche, but it's true. They gently push him a little bit more each time, and he stretches and adapts to the new goals. I trust them probably more than any professionals we've ever worked with. They can create a great workout for your child, whatever their level of ability or disability. By the way, our virtual experience has been great. Carmine has bent over backwards to find a format that works for my son, and he is endlessly patient on difficult days. Thank you Carmine and Jason!

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Fit4AllAbilitieshas reacted to Covid-19

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