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Charles DeFrancesco

Founder and Education Director
Charles is the Founder and Education Director of Fit 4 All Abilities. Charles has a BS in Health and Wellness, is a certified trainer, has owned an education company, Fit and Functional for over 15 years, authored educational textbooks and is the CEO of The Arena Fitness gym for the past 12 years. He is committed to making fitness accessible for special needs children. Charles believes exercise is essential not only for social purposes, but has been proven to increase cognitive skills as well. This program was started because Charles has a 9 year old son with autism, Antonio. He found that there was very little attention paid to physical activity for children like his son. Understanding how important activity is for socialization, growth and development Charles began training Antonio when he was just 20 months old. The immediate benefits became the driving force behind the creation of Fit4All Abilities. Originally Charles began working with special populations in 2015 through The Arena Fitness gym, which he currently owns.
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