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What our families think!

"I can only say wonderful things about Carmine and the difference he's made to my daughter Alex. He has taken a child with balance issues and helped her to walk with a better, normal stride. The exercises have also helped to  strengthen her core muscles,  again improving her posture.

Carmine is a dedicated trainer who had mastered his craft to help our children.  And,  he does so with kindness and a smile. Alex loves her sessions with Carmine." 

"Will has been working closely with his trainer Carmine LaManna for 2years and 3 months ( almost). My son love countdowns and schedules.  Carmine very skillfully uses Will’s passions to excite him and motivate him.  Carmine has not only taught Will about strength training and endurance but also valuable interpersonal skills with a side helping of self esteem.  Fit 4 all Abilities is so accepting of ALL and so excellent at tailoring a specialized workout  for every Ability!  If your new year’s resolution is to get in shape call  914-325-2832 for a consult today!  You won’t be disappointed."

"All of the trainers are kind and truly proficient in their craft. However, my daughter's skill levels, endurance, and love of fitness has completely blossomed with her trainer, Frank. He's patient, sweet, and so good with my daughter who is now able to use the elliptical machine, treadmill, and weightlift at 9 years of age!!  I highly recommend the fitness program for kids of all cognitive and social abilities and specifically recommend Frank!"

"Fit 4 All Abilities is the best!  Carmine has helped my son channel his high energy into intentional movements to not only exercise, but also to practice listening to multi-step directions.  The positivity that Carmine spreads during sessions is highly motivating.  My son loves training with Carmine at Fit 4 All Abilities and we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be a part of such a great group!"

"Our son Eli has been working with Carmine LaManna for 3 years. Carmine is an amazing trainer with such patience and enthusiasm in seeing Eli progress. He has helped Eli with his balance and core strength. When Eli first started he couldn’t even throw a ball. Now Eli can throw and catch a ball while standing on a balance trainer. Eli has build up so much strength while being at Fit4All Abilities. See This program is the best thing that has come into our lives. We couldn’t be more happier."

"My son has been working with Carmine for over a year and it’s been such a pleasure to watch him become physically stronger, more coordinated, but also more confident.  Together they have built a friendship and it’s been amazing to watch them work together over time.   I’m so happy Cristian has a great place to go to work with such a skilled and patient person!  I would recommend Carmine to any family that is looking for a safe and welcoming trainer to work with their child."


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